The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur is a single-page, content management system that is simple to use

You control the content

Offering our clients a simple solution for controlling their website content on their own, using a GetSimple© CMS control panel to effortlessly change text, images and background colors.

Change the text however you like

Customize the text how ever you like using an inline content editor to allow editing rich HTML content on the fly. Its an alternative to WYMeditor with much more features. With a small file size less than 26Kb total and only 18Kb of code, the main concept is to keep it simple.

Upload and add images to your gallery

You can upload multiple images and files to your gallery for your customers to view and add text to those documents (like descriptions an titles). You can choose how to present the images to the visitors and easily include them into your gallery.

Choose your theme color

You can select from a variety of different theme background colors including red, black and blue. More color options will become available soon


Public View

Control Panel

Username: Demo 

Password: Demo

A $15 per month subscription Includes; installation, hosting, domain, the Entrepreneur theme website and technical support.