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Why you should hire me as your web developer

When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency to establish your internet presence you end up paying for layers of salaries and commissions for Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Web Developers and Graphic Designers and ofcource the owner gets to wet their beak too. When you hire me that's simply not the case. You get a personalized experience with a design professional who takes your brand personally. And because finished is never good enough, when you hire me as your developer you get ongoing services for your website.

Super Fast Hosting

I use Cpanel dedicated hosting because it's the fastest most reliable and secure WHM interface available.

Weekly Backups

For whatever reason your website may crash you may rest assured your data will be backed up because keeping you online is important.

Regular Maintenance

I monitor and update your websites versions for when they may require updates to continue running properly.

Secure and Reliable

I code using industry standards to insure your websites core always remains secure and stable throughout its life.

Content Publishing

As a courtesy i will publish a new post to your website each week or run you through a training course if you want to DIY - it's so easy!

24/7 Text Support

When you host with me you get emergency text support for when website needs repair, even if you break it i will fix it.

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